What Does a Prosthodontist Do?

As age progresses the chance of losing one or more teeth increases. It may be an accident, or more often, due to overlooked dental decay or gum disease. When you do lose one or more teeth, don’t worry.  You are with the majority, and not the minority of the US population. According to the statistics provided by the American College of Prosthodontics, more than 178 million people in the US have at least one or more teeth missing.


The Problems Associated with Losing Natural Teeth

Losing a tooth can create a lot of problems, even if a single tooth is lost. First, your smile and facial esthetics are adversely affected. Secondly, it becomes difficult for you to eat and speak properly. At Centrasota Dental, our Prosthodontist, Dr. Congdon, realizes the importance of replacing your missing natural teeth to restore your beautiful smile and functioning of your teeth. Therefore, we aim at providing the highest quality of prosthetic dental services to our esteemed patients around the St Cloud MN area.


Who is a Prosthodontist?

A prosthodontist is a dentist who has been extensively trained in replacement of natural teeth that have been lost, either due to old age, trauma, or poor oral hygiene maintenance. The word “prostho” relates to prosthetic while “odont” refers to the teeth. Therefore, prosthodontics is a branch of dentistry which is involved in diagnosis of advanced oral health problems, and restoration of facial esthetics and oral function by replacing missing teeth with artificial prostheses.


When Do You Need the Services of a Prosthodontist?

if you feel that you have lost a tooth or are about to lose one, you should visit a prosthodontist immediately. In most cases, general dentists and dentists from other specialists refer their patients to a prosthodontist, when they feel that your case is complicated, and it should be treated by a dentist specializing in prosthodontics.


How Prosthodontics is Different from Periodontists

As the name suggests, prosthodontists are concerned with rehabilitation and replacement of natural teeth with artificial ones. A periodontist is a dentist who is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of dental problems related to structures that are present around our teeth; gums and the jaw bone. The word “peri” refers to around while “odont” refers to the teeth. Periodontists use various dental procedures such as scaling, deep scaling and root planning to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth, so as to improve the oral health, and to strengthen the attachment of the teeth to the gums and jaw bone.


Why you Should Choose a Prosthodontist

Prosthodontists are trained in diagnosis and treatment of complex dental problems, which require extensive clinical expertise and experience. In fact, prosthodontists are masters of complete tooth restoration and rehabilitation. Before a prosthodontist can replace your missing teeth and restore your smile, he or she treats all your underlying dental problems. This is an added advantage of prosthodontic treatment that, all your existing dental problems will be completely taken care of during your prosthodontic treatment. This is certainly better than having to visit multiple dentists for treatment of individual problems.


Is Prosthodontic Treatment Painful?

Like most dental procedures, there is chance for pain when surgery or an extraction is involved. However, our prosthodontists makes sure that you are completely pain-free and comfortable, by giving suitable anesthesia. Therefore, you will not experience any pain or discomfort during the procedure.


Prosthodontic Services Offered at Centrasota Dental

At Centrasota Dental, we provide a comprehensive set of prosthodontic services in the St.Cloud and surrounding areas in Minnesota:

  • Dental Rehabilitation – whether you need replacement of a single or all your natural teeth, our prosthodontists are fully equipped and experienced in taking care of all your problems. Dr. Congdon examines each patient personally, and then creates a comprehensive treatment plan for complete dental rehabilitation. For patients who do not have any tooth in their mouth, we can provide complete dental rehabilitation with the help of removable complete dentures or implant- supported overdentures
  • Replacement of Missing Teeth – Dr. Congdon is an expert in complex cases that involve replacement of multiple missing teeth. Depending upon your oral health status, esthetic requirements, and budgetary constraints, we will replace your missing teeth with comfortable and esthetic removable dentures, bridges or dental implants
  • Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Problems – our prosthodontists are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ problems. Whether you feel a clicking sound whenever you eat or speak, or you feel pain while opening your mouth, we will take care of all your TMJ-related problems
  • Restorative and Esthetic Dental Services – crooked and stained teeth are the sworn enemies of a beautiful and charming smile. At Centrasota Dental, we have the perfect solution for your stained and mis-shaped teeth. We will esthetically restore these teeth by placing porcelain veneers or crowns over them, which will make you look beautiful and attractive
  • Complete Smile Makeover – perhaps, the first thing people notice about you, is the way you smile! if you’re not satisfied with the shape of your teeth, our prosthodontists can give you the smile of your dreams with the help of a complete smile makeover. We will replace/restore your crooked teeth with highly esthetic implant-supported artificial teeth, which will completely transform your smile and appearance.


Looking for a Prosthodontist?

Whether you need a replacement for one of your missing teeth, or you have a bothersome TMJ problem, Centrasota Dental in St. Cloud, MN should be your first choice for prosthodontics and general dental treatment. Dr. Congdon and his team of dental professionals use state of the art dental technology to provide you with the best prosthetic and restorative dental treatment in town! A beautiful and charming smile is just a phone call away from you.


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