Prosthodontist in St. Cloud

What does a Prosthodontist dentist do?

Prosthodontics is a dental specialty that provides comprehensive treatment for patients with defects or dysfunction affecting any of the facial structures, from the nose to the chin. This includes repairing and replacing missing teeth as well as reconstructing or improving functionality of your smile. Prosthodontics is the specialty of dentistry concerned with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions affecting any or all of the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity including dental implants, crowns, bridges, and veneers.

Specialized Dentistry

What is a Prosthodontist?

A Prosthodontist is a specialist dentist who has completed advanced postgraduate training in the restoration and rehabilitation of teeth, as well as other structures in the oral cavity. Prosthodontic treatment is often more expensive than traditional dental restorations due to its complexity and unique requirements. However, it is sometimes less expensive than the costs associated with bridges, dentures or implant-supported restorations.

Our doctor, Dr. Congdon, is a St. Cloud, MN Prosthodontist who specializes in the replacement of missing teeth and the optimum appearance and function of your smile. He has completed 2-3 years of post-graduate dental education and is a specialist in all areas of restorative dentistry from single crowns to complex bridges to full mouth reconstructions. More on Prosthodontists.

Our Trusted Prosthodontist in St. Cloud, MN

Centrasota Dental Clinic provides the prosthodontics services that St. Cloud, MN area residents rely on to retain a healthy mouth and beautiful smile. Our prosthodontist, Dr. Congdon, specializes in esthetic, reconstructive, and implant dentistry.

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In the past, dentistry focused on pain relief and infection control, but as technology and education have advanced, prosthodontics has pushed dentistry to new heights. While teeth are certainly necessary to chew food, we also value them for the role they play in speech and clear communication, not to mention the impression good teeth make on the people we deal with in our everyday lives, including family members, neighbors and professional colleagues.


Prosthodontics is Both Medicine & Art

“Prostho” is a word meaning replacement and “dontist” means to deal with teeth. A prosthodontist is considered the expert to call when you need something restored or replaced concerning your mouth, including single or multiple teeth, gums, or portions of the jaw. It is true that other dentists may perform some of this care, but a prosthodontist is extensively trained and specializes in such treatment. A prosthodontist combines the skill of dentistry with an artistic eye, to create natural-looking restorations.

If you have missing or damaged teeth due to an accident, aging, disease or decay, you would benefit from a consultation with our St. Cloud, MN area prosthodontist, Dr. Congdon. Even the loss of a single tooth can negatively affect the overall health and functionality of your mouth. It’s true that the aesthetics of your smile and speech may be altered, but other more serious problems may arise. Your ability to chew and eat may become compromised and over time your teeth may begin to shift and loosen, resulting in problems with how your jaw fit together.


Prosthodontic Dental Services

Prosthodontist St Cloud MN
Some of the prosthodontic dental services Dr. Congdon performs for St. Cloud patients include, but are not limited to:

Rehabilitation –Dr. Congdon will develop a comprehensive prosthodontic treatment plan tailored just for you. For patients with severely compromised teeth, he will create dentures or implant-supported overdentures.

Missing Teeth –Depending upon how healthy you are and the overall condition of your mouth, what your expectations are concerning your appearance, and your budget, prosthodontics offers you the chance to replace missing teeth with dentures, bridges, or dental implants.

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Treatment –Whether you feel a clicking sound when you eat or speak, or you feel pain while opening your mouth, Dr. Congdon will take care of all your TMJ-related problems through complete prosthodontist care.

Restorative and Esthetic Prosthodontic Services – Are you embarrassed by crooked or stained teeth? At Centrasota Dental of St. Cloud, MN, our prosthodontist will restore the natural-looking beauty of your teeth with porcelain veneers or crowns.

Complete Smile Makeover –if you’re dissatisfied with your teeth, Dr. Congdon will put his extensive experience as a prosthodontist to work to produce the smile you’ve always wanted. He will replace/restore your crooked teeth with highly esthetic implant-supported artificial teeth, which will completely transform your appearance and boost your confidence.


St. Cloud, MN Prosthodontist

When in need of a highly qualified prosthodontist, St. Cloud area patients depend on Dr. Congdon at Centrasota Dental for all of their needs. As a prosthodontist, he will work closely with other dental professionals to form a team to provide you with the most comprehensive care available. Don’t wait another day for the healthy mouth and beautiful smile you deserve, call your family dentistry of St Cloud today!